In the software environment, further functions are in the works, which we present here. Please note: These functions have not yet been implemented.

 Cloud Database

(In progress, no release yet)

With the server module you can use mySQL as a database, for example. This gives you the opportunity to set up the database on a web server. This can be provided by us. This has several advantages:

  • Branch offices in different cities or countries can access a central database
  • Access to certain data using a web browser from any location and any hardware (see below)
  • Central maintenance and backup of the data

Web & App Access

(In progress, no release yet)

If you operate the software using a cloud database, certain areas can be managed on a mobile basis. For technical reasons, not all software and the database can be used on the go. Individual areas can then be accessed and changed via an app (Android) or a web address (browser). It is not yet clear exactly which areas this concerns. The introduction will also take place gradually.

Mail Scripte

(In progress, no release yet)

This method should work with both a cloud-based database and a local server database. Information can be queried or set via scripts that are started either via an app (Android), web address (browser) or via a mail client. For example:

  • Send tank data
  • Bookings of vehicles
  • Inquiries about vehicle availability
  • Setting and querying maintenance appointments
  • Sending accident reports for the insurance sector
  • Sending fees and amounts in the fees module

The individual types of application and methods (app, browser, mail) are implemented step by step.

Cloud Backup

(In progress, no release yet)

In a first step, it will be possible to save the database in a cloud area, which we provide. In a second step, it is planned to save all data (documents, photos, profiles) in a cloud area. In addition, various versions of the database should then remain saved.